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Video: Crews Clear Massive Avalanche Slides from Highway

Parul Dubey on March 11, 2019 - in Roads, Transportation, Videos

Idaho Transportation Department crews continue to excavate, blow, and plow snow off Idaho Highway 21 between Lowman and Stanley following historic avalanches.

The 11-mile stretch of road, known as Canyon Creek, is prone to avalanches, with nearly 60 typical slide locations. A storm that began on Feb. 24 dumped more than five feet of snow on the road and triggered avalanches that laid more than 50 feet of snow on the highway.

Crews started to clear the snow Friday, March 1 beginning on the southern end of the corridor. Since that time, five miles has been cleared. The narrow corridor allows only a few machines to work at any given time, requiring methodical progress. Additional snow removal equipment arrived Friday, March 8 to work from the north.

Access to Stanley from the Treasure Valley remains open via ID-75, which was opened up Saturday, March 2.

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