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Agency9 and City of Norrköping Receive International Award for Urban Planning in 3D

Matt Ball on May 22, 2013 - in Corporate, Smart Cities

City of Norrköping and the Swedish software company Agency9 received the Excellence Award in Urban Planning at the international reputable conference “Geospatial World Forum 2013” in Rotterdam. The award was received for the innovative use of web based 3D visualization in the communication of city development projects and for the dialogue with citizens. The award winning project is based on Agency9’s 3D web solution CityPlanner.

Efficient project collaboration and communication to the public is fundamental in building and managing sustainable cities. Leveraging the benefits of clarity of 3D in illustrating projects, visualization tools provided as an internet service enable easy distribution of information and collaborative work in projects teams, Including external architects, experts, builders and stakeholders involved in the project.

Norrköping’s objective with the project was to increase the dialogue with the citizens and to invite citizens to participate in the development of a sensitive area of the city with many historical buildings. The city published a virtual interactive 3D model of the area on its web page and invited citizens to explore the city interactively and to read about the vision for its development. Over 450 citizens submitted comments and suggestions into the 3D model as input to the planning department.

“We regard the award as a confirmation of our effort to establish an appealing method for increased dialogue with citizens in urban development. We will continue to work with the citizens to develop the city of Norrköping using 3D visualization, says Hans Revenhorn City Planning director in Norrköping.”

Agency9 CityPlanner is a service on internet to support cities and local authorities in the urban planning. Planners and project team members can from a web browser easily access tools and 3D city models and relevant planning data. Projects can by non-CAD experts be illustrated and share to other project team members for review. From the communication central can interactive 3D illustration by published by a click to the web or selected exhibition devices and displays.

“We are overwhelmed that we together with Norrköping receives this international award based on our cloud service CityPlanner. This encourages us in the work to create viable web based 3D solutions based on our leading 3DMaps platform. We are committed to continue evolving our CityPlanner to provide organizations easy access to 3D data and tools for efficiency in work and communication.” says Håkan Engman CEO Agency9.

About Agency9
Agency9 is the leading supplier of software of web-based 3D visualization of geographic information and maps for collaboration and communication in the infrastructure-, construction- and public sector. Agency9’s product portfolio includes 3DMaps, CityPlanner and other web based 3D Geographical Information Solutions.  The company was established 2003 and have several international cities as customers such as Gothenburg, Oslo and Berlin. www.agency9.com

About Geospatial Award
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