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Cognite Expands Into North American Technology Market

Parul Dubey on March 11, 2019 - in News

OSLO, Norway – March 11, 2019 – Cognite, a leading provider of structured and contextualized data for industrial applications, today announced that it will enter the North American technology market and open a U.S. headquarters facility in the summer of 2019. The company is considering sites in both Texas and California for the headquarters location.

Thanks to the success of its flagship Cognite Data Platform, Cognite is the fastest-growing technology company in Scandinavia, offering a software solution that delivers a digital representation of an organization’s “industrial reality” by transforming existing industrial data into useful, actionable information that builds connections and facilitates analysis across the enterprise that ultimately supports digital transformation and change initiatives at scale.

Driven by the competitive value of leveraging previously untapped industrial data, global demand for Cognite solutions has gone far beyond the company’s native Norway. For asset-intensive industries like oil and gas, power generation, energy grid management and shipping, the Cognite platform “liberates” data from sources that include industrial sensors, equipment hierarchies, piping and instrumentation diagrams, 3D models, maintenance logs, and even weather information in order to deliver scalable, accessible, real-time and fully contextualized data for application development, enablement of machine learning, and forging ecosystem connections and partnerships. Exclusive Contextualization technology from Cognite links everything from the real world to everything in the Cognite platform, adding layers of context to the data for deeper analytics and insights.

“Our firm has proven the value of unlocking data to create value for industrial enterprises in Europe,” commented Francois Laborie, general manager of Cognite North Americas. “We are confident that Cognite can bring a new level of innovation to asset-intensive companies in North America by liberating their industrial data and making an immediate impact through data analytics that have the potential to reduce costs, optimize production and transform their business models.”

He added, “This is an exciting decision; we are considering cities in both Texas and California as our new North American location and will announce our decision later this year.” The North American location will incorporate administrative, field marketing, business development and technical/engineering head count to support new customers and the company’s existing customer base, including existing customers with a U.S. footprint such as Aker BioMarine and Aker Solutions, TechnipFMC and Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

Key Partnerships in Place

Concurrent with its entry into the North American market, Cognite has in place key technology and industry partnerships designed to help it rapidly deploy, scale and achieve market awareness.

The Cognite Data Platform is built on the Google Cloud Platform, providing customers with high performance and scalability at a reasonable cost, and, according to Darryl Willis, vice president, Oil, Gas and Energy for Google Cloud, “Cognite has stretched the potential of Google’s technology in the space of industrial data platforms. In a short time, Cognite has proved that data, once made accessible, can provide substantial impact to the industry by accelerating the adoption of AI and making  operations safer and more efficient.”

Cognite has also joined the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the 4th Industrial Revolution to engage in maximizing the benefits of science and technology for society.

 “In January, we welcomed Cognite as a new member of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Their vision and expertise fits well with our mission to accelerate the benefits of science and technology for society. We are looking forward to their unique perspective on innovation and collaboration.” said Zvika Krieger, head of technology policy at the World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About Cognite

Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Cognite is the fastest-growing technology company in Scandinavia. The company’s flagship solution, the Cognite Data Platform, liberates industrial data from separate, siloed systems and reveals that data in a structured and contextualized manner, presenting a full, virtual view of industrial reality – both past and present – made accessible and meaningful for humans and machines. Exclusive Cognite functionality, called Contextualization, means that everything linked in the real world is linked in the platform, and the company’s groundbreaking industrial IoT data platform empowers companies to extract value from existing data by transforming it into useful information. Cognite’s interdisciplinary team includes software developers, data scientists and 3D specialists. To learn more, visit https://www.cognite.com/ or follow @CogniteData on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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