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TUAFI Launches Capital Raise Campaign for Atmospheric Water Generation Factory

Parul Dubey on March 6, 2019 - in News, Water

NEW YORK – The United Abrahamic Family (TUAFI) announces the launch of a fundraiser campaign to raise capital for the construction of a facility designed to safely and sustainably generate drinkable water in water-scarce countries around the globe.

The facility, called an atmospheric water generation (AWG) factory, is based on a series of improvements to the atmospheric water generator machine, a device which converts humidity drawn from air into drinkable water.

“Exposure to contaminants, unpredictable weather and humidity levels, and an inefficient distribution system have unintentionally held back the potential of AWG machines,” said Joseph Aoun, founder of TUAFI. “The AWG factory addresses these issues and enables communities around the world to reliably access clean water.”

Atmospheric water generation is a process which draws humidity from the air. This humidity is condensed, filtered, and purified into potable water. Instead of relying on rainfall or a reservoir, AWGs can create water independent of these resources, allowing those in desert climates, drought-like conditions, or pollution-impacted areas to access clean, pure drinking water.

According to Aoun, The AWG factory addresses these issues by bringing the unit indoors into a controlled environment, within which humidity and temperature are maintained at ideal levels for maximum production. Unlike the standalone AWG machine, this facility draws air through a series of advanced filtration devices, which impacts contaminates that end up in the final product. A bottling system within the AWG factory plans to utilize biodegradable bottles. The factory is expected to generate 20,000 liters of bottled water per day for distribution to communities in need and to retail locations.

“The world’s demand for water is expected to grow exponentially by 2050, and we need to identify solutions now to avoid a future where water access is even more difficult than it is now,” Aoun said. “Our goal at TUAFI is to bring together leading experts to tackle the world’s most pressing problems, of which access to clean water is one of the most urgent. We are proud to showcase our vision, and we are eager to see AWG factories make a difference in communities facing dire water shortages around the world.”

TUAFI’s campaign can be found on the crowdfunding platform Fundable. To learn more about TUAFI or to request more information, visit www.TUAFI.com or http://www.fundable.com/tuafi.


The United Abrahamic Family (TUAFI) unites experts, professionals, and visionaries from around the world on a platform of economic cooperation and mutual understanding, with the goal of tackling the world’s most pressing problems. By partnering visionaries with innovators and technical experts, TUAFI is set out to make the world a better place. The company’s pioneering project is the modernization and advancement of the atmospheric water generator (AWG). For more information, visit www.TUAFI.com.

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