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Tennessee Department of Transportation Turns to PlanGrid to Boost Productivity on Infrastructure Construction Across the State

Parul Dubey on February 20, 2019 - in News, Projects, Transportation

PlanGrid’s construction productivity software is now mandated on all TDOT projects, empowering stakeholders to collaborate efficiently on civil infrastructure projects

San Francisco, CA — PlanGrid, recently acquired by Autodesk and a leader in construction productivity software, today announced the Tennessee Department of Transportation is now using PlanGrid for state infrastructure projects beginning with the March 2019 letting. TDOT is requiring PlanGrid’s software to be used by all prime contractors on projects, such as the reconstruction of Interstate 440 in Nashville. The adoption of PlanGrid represents the transportation agency’s concerted push toward broader technology use and away from paper-based processes for Tennessee’s construction projects.

“We want to collaborate more closely with general contractors and designers by making drawings easier to interact with and pertinent information more accessible,” said Lori Lange, director of construction at Tennessee Department of Transportation. “PlanGrid is not only easy to use in the field, it also allows the entire project team to work from the same set of plans. With PlanGrid, we’re decreasing miscommunication and the potential for rework, and ultimately setting the state’s infrastructure up for long-lasting success.”

PlanGrid allows any changes to drawings to be instantly pushed to every relevant team member across a project. All construction information such as specs and RFIs are accessible through PlanGrid, which is available on smart mobile devices and with a web browser. Drawing revisions, whether they’re made immediately after field surveys or many years later, are available on PlanGrid and once construction has started, plans sync even if field workers are in an environment where there is no connectivity and devices are offline. Particularly useful for infrastructure projects, PlanGrid’s feature assigning GPS coordinates to specific drawing details empowers field workers to know exactly what to build and where. The digital trail of data available in PlanGrid also allows general contractors to provide the required transparency to government officials while reducing miscommunication and the potential for rework.

In 2018, PlanGrid announced significant traction within the civil infrastructure segment, with more than 300 construction firms that develop heavy civil projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, and airports relying on the company’s software to better collaborate.

“Technology is now an integral part of transportation planning,” said Ralph Gootee, chief technology officer at PlanGrid. “DOTs that retool to more easily tackle unforeseen challenges will greatly improve the pace at which the nation can update its transportation infrastructure. There are a vast number of requirements that must be tracked in granular detail on DOT projects. Those responsible for reporting on these requirements and overseeing infrastructure need simple and robust technology to plan, build and maintain heavy construction projects in a wide variety of environments.”


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