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Milliken Infrastructure Solutions Improves User Experience with New Website

Parul Dubey on February 18, 2019 - in News, Technology

SPARTANBURG, SC  — Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC (MIS) has announced a the official launch of a brand new website with the intent to improve each user’s experience as he or she navigates to find resources and information based on product, industry or resource preference.

“A website is not only a billboard for the company but part of a brand promise. While our previous site contained a significant amount of the content we wanted to deliver, we heard from customers and partners the need for not only more detailed technical information but also easier navigation and download,” explained John Hepfinger, Global Market Director. “As we continuously strive to make more meaningful connections to our infrastructure customers, it only made sense to enhance one of those avenues for engagement.”

After noticing a need for engineers and contractors alike to more easily find technical documents or engineering resources on the website, MIS partnered with a developer to create a solutions finder tool, which allows the user to find a MIS product solution based on general to specific infrastructure issues commonly found in each industry.

Similarly, a resource and technical document center was created with the option to find relevant documents based on the document type, market or product line. When the user has successfully searched for all necessary documents, there is an option to “package” these documents and have them available as a single PDF file for easier distribution and organization.

“Our new packaging tool now enables our site users and customers to easily create project-related submittals by selecting items all from one area of the site,” said Gregg Blaszak, Business Development Manager. “This tool will help to streamline the process and provide a more user-friendly experience for employees and customers alike.”

To see the new and improved MIS website, visit infrastructure.milliken.com.

About Milliken Infrastructure Solutions

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC helps extend the life of the world’s infrastructure through superior engineering support and innovative materials that repair, strengthen, protect and rehabilitate infrastructure. Headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the company’s extensive range of products – from fiber reinforced polymer strengthening systems to geopolymer mortar systems and Concrete Cloth™ geosynthetic composite concrete mat – offer solutions for oil, gas and industrial; storm and sanitary; buildings and parking facilities; and transportation infrastructure markets. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions is a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, a global innovation leader.

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