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February 2019 Table of Contents

Parul Dubey on February 10, 2019 - in Magazine, Table of Contents



  • Panel Discussion: How Can We Improve U.S Transportation Infrastructure
  • Cell Tower Inspection and Maintenance: UAV Reality Capture and Digital Twin Pilot Project Suggest Major Efficiency Gains
    By Angus W. Stocking, L.S.
  • Oregon DOT Uses Technology to Keep up with Progressive Contractors
    By Angus W. Stocking, L.S.
  • Clearing a Hurdle for the Potomac Yard Metro Station
    By John R. Hughes
  • Don’t Believe in Magic: Berne, Switzerland, Demonstrates 20 Years of Public Works Coordination
    By Martin Huber
  • Storm on the Horizon: Sewage Overflow Is a Problem for Today, Not Tomorrow
    By Martin Huber





  • From the Editor: Inspiration from Comic Books, Construction and Pencils
    By Mark J. Scacco, P.E.
  • Reengineering The Engineer: Don’t Overuse Boilerplate Specs and Details in Engineering Documents
    By Douglas G. Fitzpatrick, P.E.
  • Executive Corner: Five Takeaways on 2018 A/E M&A Activity
    By Steve Gido, CFA
  • Thoughts from Engineers : Rethinking the Water We Drink
    By Chris Maeder, M.S., P.E., CFM
  • Code Update:  Resources for Safety in Lead Abatement
    By Dane McGraw
  • Infrastructure Outlook: Lessons to Learn from Public-Private Partnerships and Military Housing
    By Sinclair Cooper
  • Final Thoughts: The Reasons for Speed Bumps on the Road and in Life
    By Rob Schickel, P.E.


    • Trends
    • Specification Section: Erosion Control and Geosynthetics Guide
    • Change Leader: Bruce Nagy
    • Future Forward: Fred Stampone
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