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Healthy Home Builder Duo Pioneers Construction Best Practices

Parul Dubey on February 7, 2019 - in Buildings, Structural components

HORSESHOE BAY, Texas- Home builders Rusty and Jen Stout are doings things differently with a mission to pioneer home building best practices that put people’s health first. The husband & wife team recently launched JS2 Partners Custom Builders to craft homes using chemical free materials, low and no VOC components and integrated building science designs that promote health and well-being for their homeowner clients across the U.S.

“Americans spend on average 90% of their time living and working indoors, and recently the EPA found indoor air to be twice as polluted as outdoor air. Many are unaware of the harmful health effects of chemicals found in nearly all modern-day construction materials used in homes, schools and the workplace,” said Jen Stout, JS2 Partners co-founder. “I’m living proof that moving into a less toxic living environment can drastically improve one’s health.”

Jen was in fact a victim to indoor toxicity years ago when her health rapidly declined while living in Dallas and pursuing her MBA from Southern Methodist University. Jen’s sudden onset of a failing immune system, food allergies and sensitivities to clothing and cleaning products left doctors puzzled — until they found mold residues in Jen’s medical lab tests. This pivotal finding soon led to the discovery of extensive black mold growth behind the walls her apartment. Jen knew she had to get into a clean and healthy environment, which is when she embarked on her journey into researching and building healthy homes.

“Our priority is to provide homeowner clients a place to call home that’s conducive to health and productivity. These two factors are the essential building blocks for crafting homes that are functional, safe, comfortable and beautiful,” said Rusty Stout, long-time builder and co-founder of JS2 Partners. “Our clients are nationwide, ranging from families with allergies and sensitives to health-minded individuals seeking a new custom home.”

Harvard University recently found over 82,000 chemicals present indoors as well as 85% of U.S. buildings to have water damage and leaks. Carcinogens such as formaldehyde, benzene and chemical flame retardants are commonly used in lumber, carpets, paints and adhesives during construction. The health implications attributed to indoor chemical exposures include asthma, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancers and immune dysfunction. The Harvard study points out that implications for improving indoor environments are potentially significant, equating to an estimated savings of $25 to $150 billion dollars annually in recouped healthcare costs and increased worker productivity.

JS2 Partners is proud to be a part of the collaborative effort to shape the future of healthy home building, alongside organizations such as The Green Design Center, Positive Energy and AFM Safecoat. Learn more about how to incorporate healthy building principles into your home at JS2Partners.com.

About JS2 Partners
JS2 Partners Custom Builders is dedicated to building homes that offer healthy and productive living environments. JS2 Partners utilizes low/no VOC construction materials, hypoallergenic finishes and integrated building science designs that are optimal for function, beauty and health. JS2 Partners offers design + build services and consulting across the U.S. and is proud to pioneer home building best practices with a mission to build healthier and live better.

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