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3 IN 1 ROOF Team-up with SunSpark Solar Technologies

Parul Dubey on January 23, 2019 - in News

The world’s most energy efficient solar integrated roofing system is proud to announce SunSpark Technology Inc. as their premiere module manufacturer for all introductory sales and installations.

SunSpark Technology Inc. is a leading solar panel manufacturer. Although their name is new in North America, it’s not new to the solar industry.  SunSpark’s parent company Yiheng Science & Technology Ltd. is based out of Qinhuangdao, China, and has been in the solar panel manufacturing equipment business for more than 20 years making them a globally recognized brand throughout the industry.

Like 3 IN 1 ROOF, SunSpark is dedicated to creating hundreds of direct USA and Canada manufacturing jobs as well as tens-of-thousands of indirect jobs, including but not limited to, salespersons, trucking, warehousing, installation crews, and electrical professions.  Also, 3 IN 1 ROOF Inc. CEO shares the vision for a new age of renewable energies with SunSpark’s CEO Sunny Zhang, a business woman with deep roots in the solar industry since the early 1980s.  Ms. Zhang holds an unmatched love for the environment, naturally attracting her to the solar industry.  She looks forward to directing SunSpark as America’s recognized alternative energy source while providing a brighter future for our planet.

Both companies shall work in tandem to produce up to 3-MW of integrated solar roofs throughout 2019 and up to 280 MW by year ending 2024. 

3 IN 1 ROOF systems retro-fit any residential or commercial slope roof top regardless of the structure’s load baring capacity. Couple that fact with Class-AA fire rating (self-extinguishing), Class-AA wind rating (200+ mph resistance), Class-AA impact rating (spot-repetitive strike protection), Class-AA solar-gains (zero heat transference into attic area), lifetime roof-tile warrantee, 30-year solar cell warrantee, technology agnostic removable and upgradable solar modules, the most efficient solar energy utility ever designed, plus fast and easy installation makes this product 2nd to none and all at an unmatched economical price point.

Installations for 2019 are no longer available, but new USA and Canada orders will be assigned to 2020. 

See more about the product at www.3in1roof.com and www.high-performance-roof.com

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