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Koch Membrane Systems Installs the UK’s Largest Membrane Bioreactor System

Parul Dubey on January 18, 2019 - in News, Wastewater, Water

Wilmington, MA — Facing limited space and strict water directives, Koch Membrane Systems (KMS) upgraded the Woolston Wastewater Treatment Works near Southampton, England — providing increased production capacity without expanding the plant’s footprint.

KMS, in cooperation with 4Delivery, replaced the Woolston facility’s existing conventional activated sludge system with the PULSION® MBR ultrafiltration membrane — dramatically improving effluent quality by increasing nutrient removal and achieving nearly 100 percent bacteria and solids removal. As an added benefit, the plant’s long-standing odor control problem  was eliminated with the new system.

“Membrane bioreactor technology is innovative, because it uses ultrafiltration and biological treatment,” said Jack Noble, general manager water and wastewater EMEA at KMS. “PULSION MBR technology continues to be at the forefront of this field. In addition to improved effluent quality and increased capacity, the technology significantly reduces operating and life-cycle costs.”

As the United Kingdom’s largest MBR, the system is designed to treat wastewater at an average flow of 19,000 cubic meters per day (5 MGD), with a maximum daily capacity of 42,000 cubic meters (11 MGD).

Additionally, the plant features eight filtration trains comprised of five PULSION membrane modules each. With more than 76,000 m2 of membrane area, the system produces permeate meeting strict EU Bathing Water directives.

For more information about KMS and PULSION MBR ultrafiltration membranes, visit www.kochmembrane.com.



PULSION MBR pulses a large bubble through a chambered hollow fiber bundle, creating a highly efficient piston-like pumping action. Leveraging the unique single header and central aeration design of the proven PURON membrane module design, this innovative product harnesses the aeration energy to improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, and provide better solids management.


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