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Gannett Fleming Leads the Way with ODOT TSMO Plan

Parul Dubey on January 14, 2019 - in News, Transportation
(Columbus, Ohio) – Gannett Fleming recently completed the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) plan, setting a new standard for the industry.“What makes this ODOT TSMO plan so important is that it is a foundational change in the way ODOT conducts business,” said Bryan Newell, AICP, Gannett Fleming project manager. “The comprehensive level of detail and internal ODOT collaboration that went into this plan is unlike any other and allowed ODOT to keep pace with evolving technology and begin implementing recommendations before the plan was complete.”

The plan provided ODOT with a roadmap to rapidly transition from a collection of activities, functions, and initiatives into an organized TSMO program. The new plan included specific, measurable actions in seven different technical briefs:

  • Goals and Objectives 
  • Setting the Stage 
  • Resources 
  • Policy Actions 
  • Performance Measures
  • Early Action Implementation Plan 
  • Plan Summary

This plan included recommendations that helped create the ODOT TSMO Council and TSMO coordinators positions; ensured inclusion of TSMO in Ohio’s long-range transportation plan; assisted in forming an office of traffic management; and provided guidance for ODOT to successfully develop a tool for determining operationally sensitive highway segments. Additionally, Gannett Fleming updated the Ohio Traffic Incident Management Manual, created a communications toolkit that included an informational video, and conducted a training for the new TSMO coordinators.

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