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Los Angeles Faces a 60-year Backlog on Road Repairs

Matt Ball on May 6, 2013 - in Maintenance, Transportation

The heart of the problem with poor pavement in Los Angeles is aging streets, heavy traffic, undulating terrain and the sheer size of the network. The streets in the poorest shape tend to be in hillside neighborhoods, such as the Hollywood Hills, Mount Washington, Los Feliz and Bel-Air.

But layered on top of those problems is a street repair strategy that bypasses the worst streets in favor of preserving salvageable ones. Street officials have also made a political decision to bring the overall grade of roads in each City Council district to the same level.

For Angelenos waiting for their street to be rebuilt, abandon all hope: There is a 60-year backlog of failed streets — meaning residents might not see them fixed in their lifetimes.

View an online map of street quality grades:

L.A. Street Quality Grades

L.A. Street Quality Grades

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