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SlimJim™ Lightweight Pump Systems from QED Environmental Systems

Parul Dubey on December 14, 2018 - in News, Products

The SlimJim™ Electric Pump Systems, from Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, Inc., is particularly well-suited for landfills and environmental remediation sites. The SlimJim, part of the Torpedo pump range, requires no separate control panel and features built-in auto on/off start and run-dry protection. It offers plug-in operation at 115V or 230V single phase power. With a 4.5” outer diameter, the pump is compact and easy to handle, and weighs only 22 pounds. It is ideal for smaller diameter risers such as cleanouts, collapsed pipes or bent risers.

The pump’s optional three phase operation with control panels adds several benefits, including variable speed, programmable from an iPhone, and the ability to view and change pump data and parameters. This cost effective pump lowers capital costs and eases maintenance, as proven in installations at over 500 landfills.

With available flow rates up to 30 GPM, the SlimJim can be used in vertical or horizontal applications, and is suitable for the same applications as air-powered pumps, but operates at higher flow rates.

The SlimJim’s heavy duty Torpedo pump shroud outperforms and outlasts stainless steel housings. There are no shroud wheels to break or hamper pump removal, and the stainless steel motor and pump casing and HDPE protective shroud resist corrosion. A chemical-resistant Teflon version is also available.

Visit http://www.QedEnv.com for complete specifications, drawings and flow curves for the Torpedo SlimJim pumps.


About Q.E.D Environmental Systems, Inc.

Q.E.D. Environmental Systems, a subsidiary of Graco Inc., is a leading manufacturer of innovative environmental pumping systems, landfill products, landfill gas products, and air strippers for use at landfills, mines, oil refineries and other industrial sites, as well as hazardous waste cleanup sites. Our products are used around the world for a wide range of environmental applications, including groundwater sampling, groundwater remediation pumping, landfill leachate and condensate pumping, landfill gas collection and control, landfill and biogas analysis, air stripping and VOC removal, and wireless data acquisition. Based in Dexter, MI, QED serves customers from support centers in Michigan and California. For more information, call 734-995-2547 or contact us at info@qedenv.com.


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