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Global LEAP Awards Video Highlights Azuri Solar TV Life-Changing Impact

Parul Dubey on November 9, 2018 - in Awards, News

Azuri’s solar TV has been highlighted by the Global LEAP Awards in its video celebrating global solar innovation and the positive impact of solar for off-grid families.  

The video, released at Unlocking Solar Capital in Rwanda today, features Azuri solar TV customer Subira Kingi from Kilifi, one of Kenya’s poorest counties where 80 percent of homes don’t have access to electricity, and shares the life-changing impact solar has had on her family. [Watch the solar TV video https://vimeo.com/299514121]

While many think of TV as simply offering entertainment, the Global LEAP video highlights how solar TV offers provides a range of important social benefits including access to news and information and providing ‘unprecedented connectivity’ for people without access to power.

According to the Efficiency for Access Coalition, a Global LEAP programme partner, televisions are the second most desired off-grid appliance, with only solar lighting being ranked more highly.

Azuri, a pioneer of pay-as-you-go solar home systems, was the first to introduce a complete pay-as-you-go solar TV solution to homes in Africa in 2016, featuring a 24-inch solar TV, 50+ satellite channels, LED lighting system, rechargeable radio and torch, and mobile phone charging.

A recent survey of Azuri customers confirms the enormous social and economic impact of access TV, particularly for women and children. From the customers surveyed, 98% said they felt more aware of local and international affairs and that children feel more confident in discussing current topics in school.  Meanwhile, 92% of the respondents said watching television programs in their preferred language had improved their communications skills. 60% of customers with school age children also reported seeing their children improve reading, writing and speaking skills since purchasing the AzuriTV system.

In the Global LEAP video, AzuriTV customer Subira Kingi explains how she and her family can now watch the news to see what’s happening in Kenya. If something of importance is announced or publicised, such as a new vaccine for children, then Subira shares the news with neighbours and friends. As a result, Subira feels more updated and informed and similarly, she says her children are also learning more and becoming better informed. Subira also believes that since owning a solar television her family’s standing in the community has improved.  

Over 600 million people in Africa have no access to electricity. Azuri is helping to address this development challenge through its innovative solar home solutions, delivering reliable, renewable and distributed power on an affordable pay-as-you-go basis.

AzuriTV was named ‘Innovative Technology of the Year’ at Africa Utility Week Industry Awards in Cape Town in May earlier this year.

For more information about Azuri solar TV: https://www.azuri-technologies.com/info-hub/azuritv

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