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Coretex and Marcotte Systems Strike Technology Partnership

Parul Dubey on October 31, 2018 - in Corporate, News

SAN DIEGO – Coretex, a leader in compliance and fleet management solutions, today announced a technology partnership with Marcotte Systems, a premier developer of process control and automation systems for the construction industry.

The Coretex 360 construction solution provides dispatchers with granular, real-time visibility into the location, behavior and status of a construction supply operation. The system contains a complete set of HD sensors specifically designed for use in a ready-mix environment including bowl/drum rotation, water-added, load switch for aggregate and precise auto-statusing.

“The strength of our commitment to our clients is reflected in product innovation and the strategic partnerships we establish,” said Dean Marris, EVP North America of Coretex.  “The technology alliance with Marcotte will provide our mutual customers with efficiencies and consistent product quality that has never been seen before in the ready-mix industry.”

Marcotte Systems delivers a field-proven suite of performance solutions. Marcotte CONTROL adjusts the required quantity of each batch constituent, in real-time during batch execution, while preserving key ratios and volumetric yield. The batch mix is automatically fine-tuned during the process. All parameters such as local material properties, density, absorption, granularity, moisture and temperature are used to smart-balance mixes.

“By combining Coretex’s IoT platform with advanced tracking, integrated cameras, engine management and service data with Marcotte Systems’ comprehensive process control and automation, dispatching software and batching systems, we have redefined the meaning of an end-to-end construction solution,” said Alexandre Leblond, Global VP Sales of Marcotte Systems.

The integrated product is currently on trial at ready-mix concrete sites and will be available during the first quarter of 2019.

About Coretex
Coretex delivers compliance and fleet management solutions to more than 50,000 connected vehicles in commercial freight, construction, cold chain, waste and recycling industries. Coretex’s cloud-based visualization platform helps customers worldwide turn rich data into automated business intelligence supporting safer, greener, and more productive business outcomes. For more information, visit www.coretex.com

About Marcotte
Marcotte Systems provides process control and automation systems for the construction industry. Ready-Mix, Concrete products, Bulk cement and Asphalt producers that require smart solutions adaptable to any process, or complex plant layout rely on Marcotte’s dedicated services, support and easy-to-use, integrated systems: Marcotte CONTROL, QUALITY, OPERATION, MANAGEMENT and OPTIMIZATION. With these systems, Marcotte clients increase productivity, create operational efficiency and get the flexibility they require to deliver consistent quality. Marcotte supports more than 950 sites across North America.

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