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New Standard on Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavements from ASCE

Parul Dubey on October 23, 2018 - in Buildings, News, Structural components

Reston, Va. – ASCE’s newest standard, Permeable Interlocking Concrete Pavement, ASCE/T&DI/ICPI 68-18, provides design, construction, and maintenance guidance for permeable interlocking concrete pavement (PICP) to achieve stormwater management goals while providing a structurally adequate pavement section to accommodate the anticipated vehicular loading in a cost-efficient manner.

Covering common terms, structural and hydrologic design methods, the standard construction, inspection and maintenance procedures.  PICP may also help achieve compliance with many national, provincial, state, and local regulations, as well as transportation agency design requirements for the control of stormwater runoff.


Civil engineers, design professionals, and public stormwater and transportation agencies will find this valuable guidance for establishing design standards for permeable interlocking concrete pavements.

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