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A New Breed of Building – Affordable Low-energy Use Homes, Built Off-site

Parul Dubey on October 11, 2018 - in Buildings, News

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo., Oct. 11, 2018 – Have you ever heard of a home that is 90% more efficient than code construction, has 24-hour fresh air, is super-insulated, integrates European technology AND is only made with non-toxic materials?

Phoenix Haus, a Colorado based company, is bringing low energy use homes and buildings to the Rocky Mountains for the first time ever. They are providing single family home buyers with practical, affordable design + build solutions in an all-inclusive package – SMALL HAUS.

Phoenix Haus has already delivered multiple projects in Colorado. One recent customer claimed, “”Working with Phoenix Haus was an absolute pleasure – their enthusiasm, professionalism, understanding of building science…truly impressed me.  I was also amazed at the speed at which the building was dried in; it took days rather than weeks or months. My home is quiet and comfortable, and uses a fraction of the energy of the homes in my neighborhood.  I am extremely happy with the way my home turned out…”

The Phoenix Haus SMALL HAUS packages include architectural drawings, required engineering (county specific), pre-installed wood European triple-pane windows and doors, and air and weather-tight ready panels. All SMALL HAUS packages are produced off-site and delivered and installed on-site within 3-5 days. Phoenix Haus’ delivery methods, design of house and assembly processes, are focused on extreme quality, craftsmanship and efficiency.

When compared to standard on-site construction, Phoenix Haus saves owners up to 86% in design costs, an average of 8-10 weeks of construction of labor on-site, and thousands of dollars in energy savings over the life of that home.

Be sure to visit www.phoenixhaus.com for a completely updated website for pricing, a ‘1, 2, 3 step’ process on how to get started, frequently asked questions and gallery images. Visit the Small, Medium and Large plans for purchase and contact Phoenix Haus with your budget and timeline for construction.

About Phoenix Haus 
Phoenix Haus’ mission is much more than a design + manufacturer – we are here to inspire home buyers/home owners towards a path of low energy use and healthy living. Soon, Phoenix Haus will also be offering co-living based options specifically targeted at the high price areas of mountain towns in the Rockies! Reach out to us and tell us your story – we’d love to connect with like-minded folks!

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