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imajnet Street Level Imaging Launches New Geospatial Web Service

Matt Ball on April 23, 2013 - in Corporate, Modeling, Projects

imajnet, the street level imaging geospatial web service of imajing is enriched with a new online application offering optimized temporal and spatial navigation. This new application built on imajnet Web Service is launched today for all users. More ergonomic and totally intuitive to use, the new platform allows you to navigate on transportation networks and access views and data collected with a spatial and temporal dimension.

ImajnetThis new application widely optimizes navigation in time and allows to juxtapose with a simple click views of the same place at different times. This feature allows a simplified change detection and archiving of modifications in networks.

  • 3D features – imajnet remains a tool for GIS and cartography. It allows to georeference in 3D any element visible in image with an absolute accuracy below 50cm and to measure any object visible in the image in 3D with an accuracy between 1 to 5 cm.
  • Large set of cartographic background – The integration of different versions of Open Street Map, including Mapnik, Cycle Map and Bing Map data enable to adapt the mapping interface to specific uses.
  • Search and localization – This new application enables search of points by address, by geographic location or position of the linear referencing system(LRS or chainage).

This new application is available at http://web.imajnet.net

Users of imajnet platform can choose to use this new application. However the previous one will remain active over the coming months.

About imajing : imajing is a high-tech company specialized in high speed surveying technologies and data collection along transportation networks with optimized opportunistic collection approaches bringing flexibility, responsiveness and confidence.

Deployed by several engineering companies, building groups, or railways infrastructure managers, imajbox®, unique standalone portable mobile mapping technology associated with a cloud service for data distribution, imajnet® are delivering quality geo-referenced imagery and information for daily maintenance, budgeting and planning tasks.

Applied in road management, railways management and a wide set of engineering applications related to transportation and utilities, imajing technologies are empowering and bringing life to GIS.

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