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Fort Collins-Loveland Water District Leading the Way for Colorado Water Providers

Parul Dubey on September 28, 2018 - in News, Water

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (Sept. 26, 2018) – Fort Collins-Loveland Water District (FCLWD), through the Soldier Canyon Water Treatment Authority, recently installed a cutting-edge hydro turbine at its water treatment plant. As one of the only water providers in Northern Colorado to use a hydro turbine at its treatment plant, the Authority’s new equipment allows the plant to generate all of its power needed for operations while reducing operating costs and selling back additional power. The installation is part of the FCLWD’s efforts to improve energy efficiency in its operations and reduce dependency on the electric grid.

A hydro turbine is a device that transfers energy from moving water in order to generate electricity. At Solider Canyon, the turbine captures previously lost energy in the water entering the treatment plant, a process called Energy Recovery Hydropower. Unlike other types of hydroelectric generation, this process does not have any negative environmental impacts. By recovering energy traditionally lost across pressure reducing or flow control valves, FCLWD is able to generate 125 percent of its power needs to operate Solider Canyon; the additional 25 percent is then sold back to the local utility company for profit.

“We strive to be forward thinking and innovative with all new projects we undertake within the District, so we can ensure low water treatment costs while also meeting our customers’ increased expectations for being an environmentally conscious business,” said Chris Matkins, general manager of Fort Collins-Loveland Water District. “The installation of the hydro turbine is part of a multi-prong approach to environmental stewardship and energy efficiency to meet the future needs for our existing and new customers.”

Considering projected future population growth in the Front Range, the hydro turbine’s installation was designed with the necessary space and electrical equipment to install a second future turbine. The second turbine will allow the plant to double its potential output as demand grows. Solider Canyon Water Treatment Authority serves three Colorado water districts known as the Tri-Districts: Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, North Weld County Water District, and East Larimer County Water District.

The hydro turbine at Solider Canyon is one of only 35 in the state of Colorado supplied by Canyon Hydro. The hydro turbine was supplied by Canyon Hydro, a specialist in hydro systems based in Washington state, and was completely manufactured at facilities within the United States. Canyon Hydro supplied the turbine equipment pre-assembled in a clamshell pre-cast vault, which was delivered to Solider Canyon Filter Plant with turbine and control system set and wired. This unique installation was one of the first Canyon Hydro has supplied this way and eliminated the need to install each individual component of the turbine on site. This allowed FCLWD to save on installation time and costs.


About Fort Collins-Loveland Water District: FCLWD has provided water services to businesses and citizens since 1961. The District serves approximately 45,000 people in an area that encompasses approximately 60 square miles in parts of Fort Collins, Loveland, Timnath, Windsor and Larimer County. Governed by separately elected Boards of Directors, the Districts provide the full spectrum of high-quality and dependable water treatment and  delivery as well as water reclamation services. For additional information about Fort Collins-Loveland Water District, its services and project visit www.fclwd.com or follow us on Facebook.

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