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SunShare Launches 10 MWs of Community Solar Gardens in Colorado

Parul Dubey on September 4, 2018 - in Energy, News, Renewables

WATKINS, Colo. – SunShare, a leading community solar developer, announced the launch of the Imboden Solar Project with a solar panel-raising event that took place recently in Watkins, Colorado. The celebration featured U.S. Representative and Colorado gubernatorial candidate Jared Polis along with numerous representatives from the Colorado solar industry including the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association, Coalition for Community Solar Access, GRID Alternatives, and Xcel Energy. 

“I am committed to our state being powered 100% by renewable energy by 2040, and community solar gardens like this will definitely move us towards that goal,” said Representative and Colorado gubernatorial candidate Polis. “They are a great way to broaden access to clean renewable energy that directly benefits Colorado communities while also creating green jobs for Coloradans to boost the local economy.”  

Attendees enjoyed a hands-on experience installing solar panels with E Light Construction for a ground-mounted community solar garden named Imboden V that is located 10 miles southeast of Denver International Airport. Two 2-megawatt (MW) community solar gardens are under construction and will join three additional 2 MW gardens that are already operational to deliver 10 total MW of solar energy. The subscribers to these gardens include The Cities of Arvada and Westminster, and low-income partners such as the Housing Authorities of Adams and Jefferson Counties.

“Now, individuals and organizations that were unable to install solar on their rooftops can choose community solar and benefit from clean, affordable electricity,” said David Amster-Olszewski, SunShare’s founder and CEO. “As one of the first community solar companies, we are proud to be at the forefront of a rapidly expanding segment of the renewable energy industry.”

SunShare is headquartered in Denver and has developed over 85 MW of solar gardens in Colorado and Minnesota and serves the largest active subscriber base in the community solar industry. SunShare’s Community Solar Gardens enable homeowners, renters, and small businesses that may not otherwise have the ability to install PV panels on their home or building to participate in and benefit from renewable energy.  

About SunShare
SunShare is transforming the energy industry with locally-generated community solar power.  Anyone can choose to subscribe to SunShare’s solar farms, while their utility continues delivering their energy. SunShare customers simply receive credits on their utility bills which protect them from rising electricity rates. Our team is driving innovation and making solar an easy choice. As one of the nation’s first community solar companies, we have enabled hundreds of citizens, businesses and organizations to play a part in creating a cleaner, better future. Learn more at www.mysunshare.com.

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