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Dewberry Providing Land Development and Surveying Services for I-4 AutoMall in DeLand, Florida

Parul Dubey on August 27, 2018 - in Land Development

Dewberry, a privately held professional services firm, announced that it has been selected by the I-4 AutoMall to provide land development and surveying services for the project, located off Interstate 4 in DeLand, Florida.

The one-stop shop will offer a balance between the built environment and nature, and will be the first AutoMall of its kind in the U.S. Unlike the typical “Auto Mile,” customers will be able to easily move between dealerships without driving. The facility’s centralized receiving and distribution center will allow for an enhanced neighbor and customer experience by keeping semi-trucks out of public areas and minimizing public road use. The innovative project will include numerous energy saving designs, including rainwater harvesting, geo-thermal chillers, and the largest rooftop solar installation in the southeast U.S., along with state-of-the-art onsite energy storage.

“Our team is excited to be involved in this premier project,” says Dewberry Project Manager Rey Malave, PE. “Because of the vertical design of the facility, it’s possible to lessen the land-use impacts of the site, therefore minimizing the amount of trees and natural resources that would be displaced.”

Dewberry’s services include project entitlement assistance, environmental/permitting, threatened and endangered species studies, utilities, land and tree surveying, and topographic mapping. Other design team members include the lead architects, planners, and construction administrators of HHCP Design International Inc. led by Gregory Dungan, AIA, and Strata Solar.

I-4 AutoMall Founder and CEO Brendan Hurley states, “The I-4 AutoMall team is thrilled to be working with Dewberry for the land development aspect of the facility. Their expertise in land use conservation and regulatory permitting makes them an indispensable part of this project team.”

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