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McCain Manufacturing Deploys More Than One-and-a-Half Miles of Modular Walls to Denver International Airport

Parul Dubey on August 22, 2018 - in News

VISTA, Calif. – McCain Manufacturing has been contracted by Saunders Construction Inc. to deliver 8,600 linear feet of its flagship modular wall product, McCain Walls®, to Denver International Airport (DEN) in support of a three-and-a-half-year renovation of its Great Hall. The modular walls eliminate the need to install temporary drywall partitions for each phase of the project.

As one of the Great Hall Partners in a public-private partnership (P3)—including Ferrovial Airports and JLC Infrastructure—Saunders selected McCain Walls in order to save time and reduce material waste that is typically associated with industry standard: drywall. Working closely with PanAmar Inc., the affiliated sales representative for this project, McCain Manufacturing provided onsite technical support –ensuring McCain Walls were the best fit for the project’s needs.

“The wall panels are extremely user-friendly; once you learn the system, you will fly through the install each day,” says Tyler Ochs, Carpenter Foreman at Saunders.  “My team was able to complete about 400 feet in a six-hour window. It was amazing. McCain Walls, really, can be installed by anyone. And I would recommend them to anyone who has temporary wall needs.”

By eliminating the need to install temporary drywall, McCain Walls helped cut Saunders’ projected commencement date by more than three days. Over the life of the renovation, McCain Manufacturing will save its client 28,000 linear feet of drywall that would have required more than 100 dumpsters to dispose of debris, totaling 4,000 cubic yards and 1.2 million pounds.

Adoption of McCain Walls will dramatically reduce Denver International Airport’s environmental impact by reducing indoor air quality impact and removing drywall’s potential negative impact on landfills. Gypsum and other sulfate minerals may decompose and leach toxic chemicals into groundwater, and under wet conditions, the bacteria conversion of gypsum produces toxic hydrogen sulfide gas.

McCain Walls were deployed to Level 5 Baggage Claim in Denver International Airport prior to the project’s July 12, 2018, kickoff date. Construction of the Great Hall will take place in four phases. Instead of erecting new temporary drywall partitions, McCain Walls will be reused, saving Saunders valuable time and money, supporting an eco-friendly solution, in addition to enhancing travelers’ experience

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Headquartered and manufactured in Vista, California, McCain Manufacturing is the proud producer of McCain Walls. With a mission to save time, money, and the planet one wall at a time, McCain products provide cost-effective, reliable, sustainable solutions, while supporting emerging construction technologies and green initiatives. McCain proudly manufactures in the United States of America.

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