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Australian Technology Company Develops, Patents and Exports Globally Significant, Wastewater Treatment Technology

Parul Dubey on August 8, 2018 - in News, Technology, Wastewater, Water

HOUSTON – Hydrus Technology Holdings Pty Ltd (HTH) an Australian company with its research & development facility in Brisbane, Australia has successfully developed, patented and launched its leading-edge HTX wastewater treatment technology to the global market. David Cam, the CEO of the company said, “Our HTX branded electrochemical wastewater treatment processes provide better wastewater treatment outcomes and economics than are otherwise available today.” The HTX technology, developed in Australia, with global relevance, treats highly complex wastewater streams where current best practice technology simply cannot compete. HTX’s wastewater treatment process, minimizes the use of harmful chemicals and inefficient membrane technology and provides significantly improved wastewater management and economic outcomes.

The HTX wastewater treatment technology is provided on a “Water as a Service” basis, that requires no capital outlay, but rather an off-balance sheet wastewater treatment outsourced model for our customers, where HTH owns and operates the equipment to deliver superior wastewater management outcomes allowing our customers to focus on their core business. HTH’s current focus is landfill leachate, including the removal of harmful PFOA’s and PFOC’s, hard and soft rock mining and several industrial applications, that deliver far superior operational, environmental and wastewater treatment outcomes than currently available.

HTH has established a global strategic alliance and distribution network for the delivery of the Water as a Service model to its customers worldwide. HTH’s innovative solutions turn contaminated industrial wastewater into water that meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards or client-specified water quality targets for reuse or safe release into the environment. 

About Hydrus Technology (HTX):

Hydrus Technology Holdings Pty Ltd, is a technology company founded in Australia with its U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas. HTX is at the leading edge of a paradigm shift in wastewater treatment. The company has developed advanced, resource-efficient, flexible electrochemical technologies with broad application across industries including landfill, mining, industrial, oil and gas, food production, and other applications. The company’s technology has positioned Hydrus to address some of the world’s toughest commercial, natural resource, and environmental challenges. For more information about Hydrus Technology, visit www.hydrustech.com.

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