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Silver Bullet Water Treatment Announces New Controlled Environment Agriculture Division

Parul Dubey on August 8, 2018 - in Corporate, News

GOLDEN, Colo. – Silver Bullet Water Treatment, LLC, a sustainable, green chemistry water treatment solutions provider, is proud to announce the launch of its Controlled Environment Agriculture business unit. The Controlled Environment Agriculture unit will serve the commercial indoor horticulture industry. By entering this market, Silver Bullet will provide its advanced oxidation process (AOP), ultraviolet direct disinfection (UV) and filtration technologies to growers that wish to implement state-of-the-art, non-hazardous water treatment methods.

“Controlled environment agriculture is a natural market expansion for Silver Bullet,” noted Dave Lisle, CEO of Silver Bullet Water Treatment. “Our process technology and system designs are ideal for growers seeking sustainable alternatives to harsh, hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, while also improving water quality, being nutrient program compatible, and effectively controlling plant disease outbreaks and phytotoxicity.”

To prove the efficacy of Silver Bullet’s solutions for the controlled environment agriculture market, the Company conducted several successful academic trials with Colorado State University and multiple commercial pilots with industry-leading growers.

One pilot case study was conducted in partnership with a grower in Oakland, CA, on a re-circulating hydroponic growing system.  In this pilot, the Silver Bullet system was operated under controlled conditions versus a traditional “wet chemistry” chlorine water treatment system throughout an 8-week demonstration period. During this trial, a devastating fusarium fungus infected the plants within the chlorine-treated system in the demonstration grow room. While only located a few feet away, the Silver Bullet treated plants did not succumb to the fungal infestation, whereas all plants in the chlorine-treated system showed severe signs of nutrient deficiency, stunted growth, wilting and browning of the leaves and plant tissue. The Silver Bullet treated plants had substantially reduced evidence of bacteria in the irrigation water, thicker and healthier root and stalk mass, superior canopy, larger flower size, and better coloration.

“These microbial control and plant health benefits led to a positive return on investment for the business,” said Kyle Lisabeth, Silver Bullet’s Director of Business Development for Horticulture. “This grower has subsequently adopted Silver Bullet’s water treatment system throughout their multi-facility growing operations for not only the treatment of their re-circulating hydroponic irrigation water, but also for their controlled environment humidification system.”

A second controlled pilot case study was conducted at a Northern California-based indoor grower that expressed a need for a water treatment solution for irrigation, runoff and reuse water. Silver Bullet provided microbial control and phytotoxicity management, while eliminating the use of chlorine. Silver Bullet’s solutions also allowed the grower to reuse irrigation runoff water that otherwise would have been potentially detrimental for the plants.

Lisabeth highlighted the multiple benefits the customer experienced from the second pilot, saying, “Curtailing the use of wet chemistry and the elimination of discharge further allowed the grower to fully achieve economic, environmental and regulatory compliance goals.”

The controlled environment agriculture industry is an ideal fit for Silver Bullet. “Silver Bullet is at the forefront of providing innovative, proven green chemistry water treatment solutions for the controlled environment agriculture market,” said Lisle. “The market is poised to grow by over $7 billion over the next 5 years and Silver Bullet has a unique opportunity to deliver its advanced oxidation process technology to meet 21st century grower challenges.”

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Established in 2011, Silver Bullet TREATS WATER BETTER through our commitment to developing and offering Green Chemistry-based water treatment technologies and services. Our advanced oxidant-based water treatment technology, supplemental media filtration and UV-disinfection systems provide solutions to address more challenged water situations, while still conforming to Green Chemistry principles.

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