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City of New Orleans Department of Public Works Selects the Stantec Team for the Blue & Green Corridors in the Gentilly Resilience District

Parul Dubey on August 2, 2018 - in Land Development

Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. has been selected by the City of New Orleans to provide planning, design, engineering, and community engagement for an innovative resilience project in the city’s Gentilly Resilience District, reflecting New Orleans’ new “living with water” approach to water management.  Currently in scoping/conceptual design, the Blue & Green Corridors project will transform major boulevards into a network of Blue and Green Corridors with canals and green infrastructure to reduce flood risk and subsidence while improving quality of life for residents.


A model for urban adaptation practices in New Orleans and delta communities around the world, the project will provide environmental, social, health, recreational, and economic benefits to Gentilly neighborhoods. The project is supported by $141 million in funding awarded to New Orleans by U.S. HUD through the National Disaster Resilience Competition as well as FEMA funds. With this project Stantec continues and expands on its long history of promoting a resilient New Orleans. 


The Stantec team will design canals, stormwater storage and infiltration systems, green infrastructure, linear parks, Complete Streets, road diets, and other innovative solutions to manage stormwater and provide a range of “co-benefits” to enhance community life.

A resilient neighborhood creates confidence that residents, businesses, local institutions, and public agencies can protect their existing and future investments from flooding and the drainage improvements will provide spaces for recreation, increase environmental awareness, improve health and quality of life, and promote environmental justice. Through a robust and meaningful community engagement program, residents and other stakeholders will work with the Stantec team to ensure that the Blue & Green Corridors Project will reflect neighborhood needs and desires. 


Dan Grandal, Stantec’s New Orleans office leader, remarked, “Our previous experience studying the City’s drainage system as part of the Drainage Pathways project in collaboration with the 100 Resilient Cities, the Mayor’s office, and Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans has provided us with a long term strategic view focused on community resilience.” This project isn’t merely about technical expertise – community engagement is paramount to its success. Grandal said, “The community will be involved in creating the vision for their neighborhood. Our team will facilitate meaningful public engagement by creating partnerships with the public and other stakeholders and inviting the community to contribute and guide our designs.”


Stantec is teaming with the City of New Orleans on this important project as part of our greater mission to improve the community’s overall resilience by mitigating risks associated with aging infrastructure, flooding, coastal flood risk, subsidence and climate change and improving Gentilly resident’s quality of life. Stantec offers more than 100 Southeast Louisiana professionals and 22,000 professionals worldwide operating in 400 offices.


To further the growth of local expertise, Stantec is partnering with small local businesses: Integrated Logistical Support Inc., Batture, Kenall, GAEA Consultants, MSMM Engineering, and Outreach Public Partners. The Stantec team is rounded with specialized expertise from Ardurra Group and MIG. The project is expected to be constructed and complete before the end of 2022. 


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