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MCI® Technology Preserves War ‐ Destructed Monument

Parul Dubey on July 24, 2018 - in News, Projects

Management of Cortec® Corporation along with Cortec’s CEO Boris Miksic met with the Mayor of Vukovar and visited Vukovar’s water‐tower renovation site to follow on the progress of preservation process. Cortec® donated it’s world renowned MCI® corrosion protection technology for renovation of water‐tower monument that was destructed during the Croatian War of Independence.

Cortec® Corporation donated funds for reconstruction of Vukovar water tower that was almost destroyed in 90’s during Croatian War of Independence. Water tower is the most famous symbol of city’s suffering during the Battle of Vukovar but also victory and new life. It was one of the most frequent targets of artillery but never collapsed. For preservation of the tower Cortec® donated its world renowned MCI® technology that revolutionized the way of extending service life of concrete structures. Technology is aimed to prevent corrosion of reinforced concrete structures of the water tower as part of the memorial monument project.

During the meeting at the city hall, Mayor of Vukovar, Ivan Penava and Cortec’s CEO Boris Miksic discussed current city’s infrastructure and potential investments in Vukovar. Croatian bioplastics plant, EcoCortec®, part of Cortec® Group is located in nearby city, Beli Manastir and is currently undergoing huge expansion due to excellent business results. The plant is exporting environmentally safe anticorrosion packaging to Europe, Asia and USA. During the meeting Mr. Miksic highlighted: “I couldn’t be happier with development of business in Croatia.”

The Mayor of Vukovar demonstrated his gratitude to Cortec® and its daughter company CortecCros®: “They deserve our great appreciation for one of the most valuable donations in this reconstruction process. We believe they are satisfied with the progress on the water‐tower site and our cooperation and look forward to more collaboration in the future.” said Penava.

Cortec’s Management along with the City Mayor and his staff inspected the renovation site of the tower. Construction work on the monument is now at the highest level of activity. Corroded surfaces of the water tower have been unprotected and rusting for 23 years since the war ended. After having removed mechanically loose rust and scale, Cortec’s CorrVerter® MCI® was applied by brush directly to metal surfaces. The coating offers a convenient, low‐labor option when performing repairs on heavily corroded rebar and other metal surfaces. It penetrates and eliminates rust and protects bare metal against further rusting.

The Vukovar project started on September 2017 and is currently slated to finish in November 2018, Water‐tower structure will not be restored to its original function, instead it will become a memorial to remind about the suffering and pain lived through by the City of Vukovar.

“This collaboration is of special significance for me as a Croatian. This city was torn by war more than anything else in our country, it’s place in the minds and hearts of Croatian citizens is incomparable with anything”, highlighted Mr. Miksic.

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