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Equipter Updates Features on RB4000 Roofing Trailer

Parul Dubey on July 18, 2018 - in News, Products

LANCASTER, Pa., July 18, 2018- Equipter, Inc., a leader in debris management equipment for roofers and contractors, announced upgrades to its flagship product, the RB4000 lift.

“Roofers work hard, and they expect their roofing equipment to be just as productive and rugged as they are,” Marketing Director Sam Beiler says. “These changes make the RB4000 lift even easier to use and increase the reliability of certain features, so roofers can focus on producing more, selling more, and earning more referrals.”

The Equipter RB4000 lift, sometimes called the Roofer’s Buggy, is a self-propelled, raisable trailer that allows roofers to throw debris directly into its raised container instead of dropping it onto the homeowner’s lawn. The improvements, which went into effect for units produced after January 1, 2018, include:

  • Engine door: A thicker design and stronger hinge for increased reliability
  • Ignition switch & control panel: Ignition moved to the operator’s stand for easy start up, while the control panel was reconfigured for convenient operation
  • Front axle: Redesigned attachment assembly for increased strength
  • Storage compartments: Storage for track mats, stabilizer pads, and roof chutes updated for easier access and use

Beiler says the tweaks build on the innovative product design his family first developed in 2004. “Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve the RB4000 lift to help roofing professionals raise productivity, reduce labor costs, decrease cleanup time, and lower the risk of property damage.”

About Equipter
Equipter, a family-owned business in the heart of Pennsylvania Amish country, manufactures and sells the RB4000 lift and a full line of productivity-boosting equipment for roofing and contracting professionals.

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