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Property Values Near Wind Energy Projects Subject of Center for Rural Affairs Fact Sheet

Parul Dubey on July 21, 2018 - in Energy, Renewables

LYONS, NEBRASKA – Wind energy projects do not negatively impact surrounding property values, according to a fact sheet released today by the Center for Rural Affairs.

“Wind energy and property values” reviews findings of studies conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – as well as the Universities of Rhode Island and Connecticut – which analyze factors that influence property values. Author Lu Nelsen provides recommendations for wind project developers, rural communities, and landowners to facilitate a more efficient development process.

“These studies, along with many others, have found no measurable effect on property values from nearby wind farms,” said Nelsen, policy associate at the Center for Rural Affairs. “While it is important for developers to work with communities and landowners to avoid potential issues with new projects, local stakeholders and officials now have a better answer to a concern that is often voiced early in the development process.”

The conclusions were reached by monitoring the sale of more than 50,000 homes spanning 27 counties in nine different states.

The homes were located within 10 miles of wind projects; 1,198 homes were within one mile and 331 were within a half mile.

“The Center for Rural Affairs aims to assist landowners and other stakeholders in developing clean energy projects in an equitable, sustainable way that works best for rural citizens and their communities,” Nelsen said. “This fact sheet will be a good resource for county officials and landowners looking for answers about effects on property values, as well as potential best practices that wind energy developers could adopt when pursuing a project.”

The fact sheet is available at cfra.org/publications/WindEnergyAndPropertyValues. Questions may be directed to Nelsen at [email protected].

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