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What is a City, and How Does it Get Smarter?

Matt Ball on April 7, 2013 - in Corporate, Design/Engineering, Smart Cities

There is a clear need for a better dialogue — a learning cities approach — as outlined by my colleagues at the Academy of Urbanism (AoU), and by Tim Campbell in Beyond Smart Cities. How can a country, community, and an integrated regional ecosystem step beyond political boundaries to release the power of enterprise and entrepreneurship. In short, we need to rethink our definitions, develop resilient communities, and support those who are developing new models for public and individual entrepreneurship.

When we start to talk about the Internet of Everything (IoE), the potential for people, data, and things to combine into overlapping processes is infinite. Cisco is developing a number of exemplar projects with cities and in various industries — from smart energy networks to connected vehicles. Cisco estimates that the Value at Stake in the IoE Economy will be $14.4 trillion for private enterprises globally over the next decade.

This is a massive opportunity for the global economy, and one that can be truly accessible only if we tap into the utility of citizens, businesses, and the intrinsic desire to engage.

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