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elec calc™ BIM Software is Officially Available for Sale

Parul Dubey on July 2, 2018 - in News, Products, Technology

Trace Software International, the global leader in electrical engineering since 1987, announces the official launch of the elec calc™ BIM software, the first tool in the world that seamlessly integrates electrical calculation into the BIM process.


When we talk about Building Information Modeling (BIM) we are not talking about a trend, but about a real digital revolution in the building sector, ready to break up obsolete schemes and processes.


For a long time, the engineering and construction sectors were looking for tools to increase the productivity and quality of their projects by reducing costs and delivery times. BIM has positioned itself in these sectors as the ideal tool for achieving these goals.


Innovation is at the heart of Trace Software International journey. This is why the company has soon followed the digital evolution of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to meet the business needs of construction professionals, integrating calculation and electrical design into the BIM process.


With the commercialization of elec calc™ BIM, Trace Software offers electrical professionals a cutting-edge and innovative software that allows them to improve the performance of their electrical installations dimensioning projects.


With the arrival of BIM, we have for the first time in almost thirty years, an exceptional opportunity to make a profound change in the way we conceive our electrical design software.” With elec calc ™ BIM, the user has at his disposal a digital mode, capable of simulating most of the installation parameters, which saves hundreds of hours of work and obtains a more rigorous design, also implying an immense economic advantage “, says Etienne Mullie, Trace Software International R&D Manager.


elec calc ™ BIM: an essential solution for electrical engineering


It is the first software in the world that perfectly integrates the electrical calculation in the BIM process. With elec calc™ BIM, the user can design, calculate and size the electrical installation in the digital model in IFC 4 format, generated by any 3D architecture software (Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp …).


For REVIT users, the elec calc™ BIM plug-in optimizes collaboration between the two programs. The compatibility with the electrical objects available on the BIM&CO platform is also an important resource for integrating and calculating the products of the manufacturers.


elec calc™ BIM offers unique routing capabilities. The user calculates the lengths of the cables generated in the digital model and it is also possible to perform different simulations to compare different routing scenarios. The 3D model allows for conflict detection and the BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) technology, integrated into the software, allows you to manage all communications and alerts with other operators.


elec calc™ BIM is the exclusive electrical design solution for professionals who keep up with the times and want to take full advantage of this breakthrough industry innovation.


Getting started is easy. Request a trial version.


About Trace Software International


With 30 years of experience, Trace Software International is a company specialized in the development of software solutions and services dedicated to the industrial engineering, with a unique expertise in the design of electrical installations.  With a double expertise, both technological and engineering-focused, TSI not only satisfy their clients’ needs but also design innovative solutions able to disrupt old habits and providing decisive advantages in terms of safety and profitability.  Trace Software International has subsidiaries in France, Spain, China and Morocco in addition to a presence in over 50 countries worldwide via distributors and authorized partners. Amongst its technological partnerships there is: Dassault Systèmes, SolidWorks, PTC, Autodesk, GRANITE Developer, SPATIAL Developer.


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