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Transportation Research Record: Early Access Papers Addressing Construction

Parul Dubey on June 25, 2018 - in Transportation

TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board has released 12 early access papers addressing construction, including:

  • Leveraging Intelligent Compaction and Thermal Profiling Technologies to Improve Asphalt Pavement Construction Quality: A Case Study (link)
  • Managing Public Communication Strategies in Accelerated Highway Construction Projects (link)
  • Traffic Flow Modeling of Diverse Work Zone Activities (link)
  • Influence of Thermal Sweep on Girder Stability during Construction (link)
  • The FHWA’s Demonstration Project for Enhanced Durability of Asphalt Pavements through Increased In-Place Pavement Density (link)
  • Unit Price or Lump Sum? A Stochastic Cost-Based Decision-Making Tool for Design-Bid-Build Projects (link)
  • Assessment of Settlement Profile Caused by Underground Box Structure Installation with an Artificial Neural Network Model (link)
  • Life-Cycle Cost Adjustment Factors in Alternate Design/Alternative Bid Pavement Bids: Added Value or Added Controversy? (link)
  • Performance of Skew Reinforcing in Inverted-T Bridge Caps (link)
  • A Decision Support Framework for Assessing the Contextual Factors for Complex Highway Projects (link)
  • Finite-Element Modeling and Analysis of Early-Age Cracking Risk of Cast-In-Place Concrete Culverts (link)

Examining Curing Efficiency using Neutron Radiography (link)

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