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New Update to Materials Standards Released

Parul Dubey on June 19, 2018 - in News

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials released the second of three updates to its Materials Standards publication on June 13, which contains the specifications, test methods, and recommended practices covering all the materials used to build bridges and roads – from asphalt and concrete to metal and wooden timbers.

Part one contained the specifications and practices for materials; part two includes methods of testing and specifications for testing equipment, while part three contains “provisional standards” that are established and retested over an eight-year life cycle before being accepted or rejected.

The June 2018 update includes one new and 13 revised standards and revises the sections on general manufactured materials, including concrete drainage structures, flexible and metallic pipe, markings and coatings, and safety devices.

Current subscribers to the web-based Materials Standards automatically receive access to the new and updated information, while new customers can purchase a 12-month online subscription with either a single-user license or choose among several multiple-user license options, with discounts ranging from 25 percent for a two-user license and a 33 percent discount for a three-user license all the way up to a nearly 40 percent discount for a twenty-five-user license.

The web-based format offers several enhanced features, including: immediate online access, with nothing to download or install; access to all updates published during their subscription period; access to recent past editions of the standards, with changes between editions highlighted for easy reference; the ability to search by keywords, highlight text, and add shareable bookmarks and notes; and access on multiple devices.

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