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Stantec Selected by City of Aurora, Colorado, to Spearhead Citywide Traffic Signal Retiming Project

Parul Dubey on May 21, 2018 - in News, Projects

Aurora, CO (May 21, 2018): Stantec, a global engineering, consulting, architecture, and construction firm, has been awarded a comprehensive citywide traffic signal timing project for the City of Aurora, Colorado. The project will include the retiming of almost 300 traffic signals across the second largest city in the metropolitan Denver area and the third largest in the state of Colorado.

The project aims to improve the flow of traffic along major corridors by optimizing the traffic signal timing of those corridors. It is also designed to balance safety and operation needs of all travel modes including light rail transit, bus, pedestrian, bicyclist, and automobile. Traffic signal retiming is a hugely cost-effective effort that returns wide-ranging benefits, including reduced congestion and driver delay, reduced fuel consumption, and reduced air pollution.

Signal timing projects, when managed and implemented successfully, cover more than operations and logistics – they allow for safe and efficient travel of residents and visitors, while reducing the city’s carbon footprint.

Stantec will lead and develop four essential components in conjunction with the City of Aurora: data collection, evaluation of existing signal timing design parameters and recommendations for modifications, evaluation and optimization of signal operations, and documentation of project benefits. 

“We’ve all wasted time in traffic,” said Freddy He, Stantec’s Denver-based transportation senior associate. “But a carefully planned, beautifully executed, and well-built transportation system can have a huge impact on the local community. We are excited to support this important project, which aims to reduce air pollution and ease city-wide traffic congestion, leading to a more pleasant and efficient commute for millions of Denver-area citizens.”

The citywide traffic signal retiming is Stantec’s third transportation project for the City of Aurora over the last three years. Previously, Stantec developed off-peak and weekend peak traffic signal timing plans in anticipation of potential impacts on opening day for the new 10.5-mile Aurora Line / I-225 Light Rail. Stantec also developed and calibrated Vissim models to evaluate and optimize train and traffic control strategies along the Aurora Line (preemption, transit signal priority, link priority, etc.), including nearly 20 at-grade crossings and 25 adjacent traffic signals.

“I look forward to collaborating with Stantec to improve my hometown city,” said Tanya Bower, PE, City of Aurora’s Project Manager and Traffic Operations – ITS Engineer. “I have lived in Aurora nearly my entire life and it’s special to partner on a project that will have a tangible impact on the daily lives of its residents.”

Commencing in March 2018, the project is expected to be completed by May 2019.


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