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LocoMobi Releases 2.0 License Plate Recognition With Actual Vehicle DNA at Super High Data Speed

Parul Dubey on May 21, 2018 - in News, Products, Technology

TORONTO – LocoMobi is pleased to announce version 2.0 adding more than just plate numbers to the DNA of the vehicle.

  • Full support for CUDA-based GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) technology
  • Best in Class reads through Machine Learning Technology
  • Ultra-fast recognition times — under 15 milliseconds per image
  • Processes incoming images at over 150 FPS (frames per second)
  • Enables full-stream recognition applications like triggerless installs, mobile LPR and high-speed applications such as tolling and security logging
  • Easily handles three or more lanes from one high-resolution camera
  • Ability to process 20+ traditional trigger-based LPR camera installs from a single Controller
  • Complete vehicle recognition, including make / model / color
  • Can be 100 percent API-driven, full REST API available upon request

This takes LPR to a new level and brings the whole infrastructure together, including parking facilities, mobile parking enforcement, toll highways and downtown grids like city intersections.

“We have essentially given users the ability to use a vehicle as the true DNA of any transaction. With such high read rates, other forms of control will be secondary,” says LocoMobi co-founder and President Grant Furlane. “We have developed an extensive API so that the new system can be layered on top of and extend to other systems. Our flexible first-to-cloud platform has really impacted our ability to drive new innovations to the market quickly and efficiently.”

Using LocoMobi 2.0, operators can simply add this layer of technology to secure and/or automate any revenue control application they currently have. LocoMobi’s unique design provides a solution that is the most affordable, by having less controllers and using intelligent cameras.

LocoMobi Inc. is reinventing parking and transportation technology in the era of cloud, mobile, low-cost hardware and Internet of Things. LocoMobi was the very first to offer a cloud-based license plate recognition (LPR) system with a complete revenue engine that also provided a management system for virtual permitting systems, violation and citation management. The company also designed and implemented the first LPR-based system incorporating payment stations and barrier gates, which was integrated into a single cloud-based system. LocoMobi offers the largest suite of products including LPR, mobile, pay on foot stations, ticket dispensers, on-street multi-space meters and cloud software. LocoMobi offers innovative apps that drive traffic to businesses and provide real-time analytics. Its “Vision intelligence“ offerings allow predictive modeling both for pedestrian and vehicle security. LocoMobi’s recent venture has been in toll highways.

LocoMobi’s product offerings are unique in their level of comprehensiveness, innovation, and price: installations typically have twice the functionality at approximately half the price of competitive systems. LocoMobi’s innovations have recently garnered worldwide attention when the company was a winner of the award for TiE50 best new technology in the world, where over 2,800 companies from 27 countries were considered. The awards were presented at the Annual TiE50 conference held in the Silicon Valley.

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