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Highview Power a Finalist for Renewable Energy Project of the Year

Parul Dubey on May 18, 2018 - in Awards

LONDON  – Highview Power, a leader in true long duration energy storage solutions, announced today that its Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) system at the Pilsworth Landfill Facility outside of Manchester, UK is a finalist for the BusinessGreen Renewable Energy Project of the Year. The winners will be announced at the 2018 BusinessGreen Leaders Awards to be held Wednesday, 27th June, at The Brewery in London.

“It is always an honour when we are a nominee, finalist, or winner of an industry award and we appreciate this recognition from BusinessGreen of the importance of the Pilsworth project,’’ said Highview Power CEO Gareth Brett. “Recent initiatives including the derating decision last December by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) here in the UK and the U.S. Department of Energy’s announcement just this month of $30 million in funding for energy storage that is able to provide up to 100 hours of electricity show that the grid is rapidly evolving towards long duration applications. Our LAES technology is particularly well-suited to meet the long duration needs of utilities as it is freely locatable with low lifetime costs, long lifespan, zero emissions, and days’ worth of storage capacity.”

Highview Power’s proprietary LAES technology is based on the principle of air liquefaction, which enables the easy storage of gases in cryogenic liquid form. Recovering the stored energy utilises the very large expansion in volume from liquid back to gas, powering turbines and generating electricity. This enables Highview’s system to store energy in increments measured in days rather than hours, at a very significantly lower incremental cost of storage compared to lithium-ion batteries, with no siting constraints, and while releasing zero emissions in the process. It utilises long-proven technology with an economic useful life of over 30 years.

The Pilsworth plant will be officially opened on 5th June, 2018 in a ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony at the facility in Bury, UK. Media interested in attending the event should send an e-mail to [email protected].


About Highview Power
Highview Power is a designer and developer of true long duration energy storage solutions for utilities and distributed power systems. The company’s proprietary technology uses liquid air as the storage medium and its custom designed Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) solutions can deliver anywhere from 10MW/40MWh to more than 200MW/1.2GWh of energy.  LAES has been developed using proven components from mature industries to deliver pumped-hydro capabilities without geographical constraints and it can be configured to convert waste heat and cold to power. For more information, please visit: www.highviewpower.com

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