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Maryland Transit Agency Offers Grants to Help Spur Innovation by Local Systems

Parul Dubey on April 26, 2018 - in Transit, Transportation

​The Maryland Transit Administration introduced a new $2 million annual “Statewide Transit Innovation Grant” program for the next two fiscal years, under which local transit agencies and county officials can apply for state funding to help plan, design or build innovative mobility projects.

The MTA, which is part of the state Department of Transportation, said some examples of eligible projects are corridor and feasibility studies, bus rapid transit routes, dedicated bus lanes, transit signal priority, innovative fare payment upgrades and connected or autonomous vehicle pilot programs.

Local jurisdictions may also consider implementing or expanding commuter or express bus service, it said, adding new local bus routes or improving upon existing bus service.

“These grants will encourage local jurisdictions to explore innovative transit projects to connect their residents with where they need and want to go,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Rahn.

MTA Administrator Kevin Quinn called the grant program “an exciting opportunity for our agency to advocate for and support local transit projects that will benefit all Marylanders. Our goal is to create a customer-focused and efficient transit system for the state that better meets the needs of all our residents.”

The agency said the program will aim to “enhance regional transit performance by reducing travel times; improving trip reliability; enhancing system recognition; improving safety and security; maximizing bus capacity and comfort; and improving regional transit connectivity – all while maintaining acceptable performance of the state’s highway system.”

The MTA said it will accept grant applications through June 27.

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