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Stantec’s Design of Sacramento River Joint Intake and Fish Screen Facility Earns Outstanding Water/Wastewater Project Award in California

Parul Dubey on April 25, 2018 - in News, Projects, Wastewater, Water

Sacramento, CA, NYSE, TSX:STN: Global design firm Stantec’s work on the Sacramento River Joint Intake and Fish Screen Facility was recently named the Outstanding Water/Wastewater Treatment Project of the year by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Sacramento Section. The intake/fish screen facility protects young salmon and endangered native fish, while providing irrigation for 15,000 acres of cropland and a more reliable water supply for the cities of Davis and Woodland.


The intake/fish screen project is a collaboration between Reclamation District 2035 (RD 2035) and Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency (WDCWA), with support from state and federal water managers and resources management agencies. This precedent-setting partnership between agricultural and municipal water supply agencies achieved multiple benefits including fishery protection, water supply reliability, water quality improvements for drinking water, and improvements to the Pacific Flyway habitat.


The completion of the $46 million project marks another milestone in efforts to restore the ecosystem of the California Bay-Delta watershed while building a more secure and sustainable water supply for the state. The new facility replaces the largest unscreened intake on the Sacramento River, which dates to 1919, when RD 2035 was founded.


“This award is the culmination of years of planning, innovative design, and successful construction,” says Marshall Davert, Stantec executive vice president, water. “We are extremely proud to have worked side by side with RD 2035 and the Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency on this landmark project. It is a joy to share the award with such visionary partners.”

The RD 2035/WDCWA Joint Intake and Fish Screen Facility is a combined 400 cubic-feet per-second diversion of river water. The new facility allows RD 2035 to continue diverting water for 15,000 acres of farmland while allocating a portion of their historic diversion to the cities of Davis and Woodland, augmenting their current groundwater supplies and improving water quality for the communities. The new facility will allow for year-round diversions for the communities. The facility includes an innovative “siphon assist” pumping system that allows use of smaller horsepower intake pump motors and reduces energy cost during operation.


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