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STRUCTUREPOINT Celebrates Tenth Anniversary

Parul Dubey on April 18, 2018 - in News, Technology

Skokie, IL —This year, StructurePoint is celebrating a decade of developing and supporting a suite of engineering software for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings and bridges.

Headquartered in Skokie, IL, the firm spun off from the Portland Cement Association (PCA) in 2007 to continue production of state-of-the-art engineering software originally developed by the PCA’s Engineering Software Group in 1957.

“We are uniquely positioned to provide a set of focused tools for structural engineers, architects, professors, and students working in reinforced concrete structural design,” says StructurePoint President/CEO Dr. Iyad (Ed) Alsamsam. “Building on PCA’s 100 year legacy of technical expertise, we work closely with the structural engineering community to offer efficient and focused software. In the next ten, we plan to nurture these valuable relationships by extending our global market, widening our educational resources, continuing acclaimed user support, and consistently developing the core software.”

StructurePoint originated 60 years ago as the Engineering Software Group of the PCA. The group created the complimentary software for structural engineers to simplify and speed up the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures, and to market and improve perceptions of cement and concrete based structures. Using this new technology, leading engineers from notable firms pioneered the analysis and design of high rise concrete buildings shaping the skylines of major US cities.

In 2003, PCA’s Engineering Software Group reorganized and expanded as pcaStructurePoint with additional representation in Houston. Under the leadership of trusted PCA leader, Dr. Alsamsam, pcaStructurePoint flourished as a self-sufficient operating group within PCA.

In 2007, pcaStructurePoint spun off from PCA to become an independent entity incorporated as StructurePoint LLC. The firm has offices at PCA headquarters in Skokie, Illinois. Today, StructurePoint has become a trusted voice and reliable asset in the reinforced concrete industry in North America and beyond. The team strengthens representation in India and the UAE and serves customers in over fifty countries spanning six continents.



About StructurePoint

StructurePoint is a software technology group dedicated to the development and maintenance of a software suite for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete buildings and bridges. Using the most current building code provisions to automate design calculations, our team of experts provide structural engineers internationally with focused software as the essential tool to complete their most difficult projects. Most importantly, StructurePoint acts as a gateway to the vast resources of the cement and concrete industry. With emphasis on excellent service and research-based development focus in our niche market of reinforced concrete, StructurePoint is the source industry professionals trust to aid them in working quickly, simply, and accurately.

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