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Sponsored Content: Better Outcomes Begin with Better Collaboration

Parul Dubey on April 17, 2018 - in Articles, Feature, Featured

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Design better civil infrastructure with OpenRoads, OpenBridge and OpenRail

What does it take to manage the infrastructure lifecycle? It involves many collaborating disciplines where the work is interconnected, with thousands of decisions and changes about material choices, design, aesthetics, structural integrity, safety and more. To be successful, you must be able to manage all the data, from conception through construction.

Bentley provides a wide breadth of applications to meet the rigorous demands civil design professionals face when managing infrastructure projects. Bentley’s OpenBridge, OpenRail and OpenRoads CONNECT Edition design and modeling applications equip you to manage constant change across disciplines and teams throughout the lifecycle of your project.

The core of our CONNECT Edition is the connected data environment, where all designs and assets are maintained from beginning to end. ProjectWise CONNECT Edition provides the backbone of the connected data environment, which is now available as a cloud service powered by Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. This environment enables desktop, server and field applications to help you better collaborate with more flexibility and provide a better-connected experience.

Bentley’s OpenBridge, OpenRail and OpenRoads CONNECT Edition applications provide open data standards ensuring you that data can be used across the project regardless of the diverse data type. All three product lines help you solve the critical business issues of your day-to-day workflow. Take advantage of the following benefits with our civil detail design CONNECT Edition products:

1. Design in Context

Incorporate, analyze and manipulate data such as point clouds, reality meshes, photogrammetry, terrain and other data to better understand existing conditions for your project.

2. Improve Project Deliverables

Deliver required construction documents, such as cross sections, detail sheets and other plan sets, while working in the live model. You can easily provide automated machine control guidance, 3D models and other digital information to the supply chain.

3. Integrate Multiple Disciplines

Share data between bridge, drainage, roads, rail, geotechnical and more to leverage geometric and terrain data directly from one model. Use one composite model to make better engineering decisions and minimize errors and omissions prior to construction.

4. Rapidly Model Design Intent

Generate a complete 3D model of your project in record-breaking time. Design while you model using innovative technology such as civil cells, interactive modeling, dynamic relationships and relational intelligence.

5. Adapt to Change

Adapt to project changes without risking project schedule or budget. Respond to project changes with automatic model updates with built-in parametric relationships that you can use throughout the project and workflows.

6. Support BIM Requirements

Work in a connected data environment to ensure that data is compatible and trusted, and is used throughout the workflow, across all teams, offices and disciplines. Produce all the deliverables needed to support project demands and ensure all appropriate standards are met.

With Bentley’s CONNECT Edition applications, you also benefit from CONNECT Advisor, a central hub that provides you with contextual assistance and learning recommendations to help with overall productivity and performance. Services include on-demand courses, live virtual training, personalized learning paths and more.

With Bentley, you have the competitive advantage of a connected data environment that ensures better outcomes with better collaboration throughout the lifecycle of your next infrastructure project.

Bentley’s CONNECT Edition Civil Design Products


OpenBridge Designer

Comprised of OpenBridge Modeler, LEAP Bridge Steel and LEAP Bridge Concrete, it offers direct interoperability for analysis and design, detailed report production, clash detection and construction simulation, quantities, geometry reports and more.



OpenRoads ConceptStation

Combine data acquisition, reality modeling and conceptual design to help identify high-cost and high-risk items in the preliminary and planning design stages of your infrastructure projects. 




OpenRoads Designer

Provides a comprehensive modeling environment to help accelerate project delivery of road networks. Includes complete detail design capabilities for surveying, drainage, subsurface utilities and roadway design.


OpenRoads Navigator

Enables 3D design visualization and design review as well as progress approval and issue resolution, at the office, in the field or at the site.

OpenRail ConceptStation

Offers rail, electrification, tunnel and bridge design capabilities to help rail engineers and designers create intelligent models in context.

OpenRail Designer

Provides a comprehensive modeling environment for streamlined project delivery of rail network assets. Delivers a high-performance, immersive, 3D modeling environment that enables instantaneous and interactive parametric modeling of rail corridors.

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