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Principle Logistics Group Names William Mays as Chairman

Parul Dubey on April 11, 2018 - in News, People

FORT WORTH, Texas – Principle Logistics Group (PLG) has named William Mays as company chairman and partner. This move was made in conjunction with the company’s continued growth as an innovative leader in the transportation logistics space.

“William is not only an exceptional strategic thinker with the ability to see gaps above and below the line; he brings intelligence and outside solutions to fill those gaps,” said Sheila Jackson, PLG’s founder and CEO. “As a partner, he provides practical, day-to-day direction on a people and process level. He’s got energy, passion, and integrity along with years of proven experience and impressive results. We’re thrilled to have William on the PLG team.”

“Over the last nine months, William has played an integral role in dissolving past partnerships, recruiting top-tier executive talent, structuring new banking agreements, and leading the rebranding campaign for PLG,” said Jackson. “While we have provided best-in-class transportation and strategic logistics services for years, we had lacked the infrastructure and resource base to push things out on a large scale. That has changed, and it has invigorated our team and clients as well.”

Mays is founder and CEO of Return On Relationship, inc., a strategic growth firm that works with both private and public companies to bring identifiable impact to their bottom line. In addition, he serves as chairman and investor for a portfolio of companies ranging from technology, IT/security and software development, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, oil and gas, and commercial real estate development. 

“We evaluate 50-75 opportunities annually and choose to move forward on no more than one or two,” said Mays. “While we are opportunity based, the key elements that are foundational to each deal or company we work with are locked in. Sheila and the PLG team hit on all ‘must haves’ — and blew out our metrics. Couple that with the Fortune 500 client base that they serve, and this became one of the top opportunities we have seen in the last five years.”

About Principle Logistics Group

Principle Logistics Group offers a full range of logistics services, including assessments, needs analysis, strategic planning, vendor management, inventory management, and execution of single shipments to complex moves and disaster recovery projects. PLG acts as a fractional CLO, or Chief Logistics Operator, reducing chaos and enhancing performance within the companies they serve. Learn more at www.principlelg.com.

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