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Geospatial IT Key to Pipeline Integrity and Efficiency

Matt Ball on March 18, 2013 - in Maintenance, Projects

While media outlets talk about pipeline integrity with terms like ‘aging infrastructure’, insiders know that pipeline integrity is an information game. Sure, individual components cause failures, but components age at different rates that vary dramatically depending on the technology of the day when they were installed and where they are installed. “Aged” infrastructure may or may not be a problem depending on what and where it is. And commissioning new pipelines brings its own challenges. Enter IT & GIS – or geospatial IT. Geospatial IT ties traditional asset information to location, inspection, environmental and other data to provide high-quality models of infrastructure for optimizing maintenance, replacement and response.

A recent Critigen geospatial IT project with operating company Enterprise Products and pipeline engineering firm PCS highlighted one way that advancements in IT and GIS can improve both integrity management of pipelines and the bottom line. Enterprise Products contracted Critigen to develop a standardized set of code values for 14 pipeline components in the PODS data model. Standardizing codes allows for better coordination between planning, construction and operating groups that drives bottom-line savings. It also gets pipeline characteristics data into operations systems faster, which means they can manage the pipeline more efficiently and comply with Federal and other regulations cost-effectively.

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