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Beamex Launches Intuitive and Powerful Multi-platform Mobile Paperless Solution for Executing and Documenting Calibrations and Maintenance Inspections

Parul Dubey on April 4, 2018 - in News, Products, Technology

The concept of a paperless calibration process is not new, yet many companies still use paper based solutions for executing and documenting calibration events, ignoring the many improvements that a paperless solution can bring, such as efficiency and data quality improvements.

Beamex has long provided paperless calibration solutions using CMX Calibration software as an online solution and with Beamex Documenting Calibrators in an offline mode. bMobile 2.0 complements both the CMX software and the documenting calibrators providing a new, powerful and intuitive online and offline application for Windows Mobile or Android based tablets or smart phones.

“Today’s process calibrations are often completed in areas of an industrial plant that cannot be covered by reliable WiFi IT networks – bMobile provides an ultra-modern application to empower our customers to benefit from paperless calibration and maintenance inspection in all areas of their plant,” says Beamex CEO Jan-Henrik Svensson.

The Beamex bMobile application can be downloaded from Google Play or the Microsoft Store. bMobile 2.0 works with Beamex CMX Software V2.11 but can also be used for free in demo mode without CMX for anyone that wishes to evaluate it.

Outlining the significance of this new bMobile application, Beamex Product Manager Antti Mäkynen comments “Beamex customers can now choose if they use the bMobile application for calibration documentation or use our range of documenting calibrators such as the Beamex MC6 or the newly launched Beamex MC6-Ex. I expect that bMobile will be frequently used for executing calibration events that cannot easily be performed on a documenting calibrator such as: calibrating weighing instruments, and calibrating analytical instruments such as pH and humidity.” Mäkynen adds “I can also see the bMobile application being used for calibrating process instruments together with non-documenting calibrators and references from Beamex and other manufacturers.”

The bMobile application also offers improved calibration data integrity using Beamex Mobile Security Plus technology – enabling our customers who select Beamex calibration software, bMobile 2.0 application, portable calibrators, and comprehensive launch and support services for their calibration solution to connect and share calibration data with their maintenance system or instrument and asset management system to achieve end-to-end paperless calibration, streamlined processes, and truly mobile working while maximizing the integrity of the data to achieve the highest levels of security compliance.

BEAMEX is a leading worldwide provider of calibration solutions that meet even the most demanding of requirements for process instrumentation. Beamex’s comprehensive range of products and services — from portable calibrators to workstations, calibration accessories, calibration software, industry-specific solutions and professional services offer a better solution for calibration – a better way to calibrate. Through Beamex’s subsidiaries, branch offices and an extensive network of independent distributors, our products and services are available in more than 80 countries. Beamex has more than 12,000 customers worldwide.

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