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LocoMobi Smart City Gets Smarter With Interactive Transit Systems for Buses and Trains

Parul Dubey on March 28, 2018 - in Transit, Transportation

Toronto, Canada – LocoMobi is pleased to announce our full line of Transit Solutions adding Payment Stations, Cashier Terminals, Turnstile and associated enterprise hardware  all interfaced to the LocoMobi Smart City Cloud Portal.

LocoMobi realizes that the modernization of today’s transit systems promote usage, alleviate congestion and creates a cleaner, more efficient transportation infrastructure. We have created technology that is easier to use, links users with city infrastructure, and fosters end-user adoption within a socially accepted process. Cloud interaction enhances consumers’ experience by eliminating technical roadblocks encountered through interactive payment methods from ticket kiosks to mobile applications. That in turn creates more ridership and contributes to better profitability for cities. The result is increased revenue and consistent affordable rates for consumers. The ultimate goal is achieved; people utilizing modern, efficient transportation in harmony with their cities.

Our robust technology provides stable transportation to over 300 million people annually through our 2216 units installed at 883 stations .

Adding to this will be the Locomobi Mobile Payment App and Marketing programs to foster ridership growth.

This addition makes Locomobi the only smart solution for Parking, Toll Road and Transit encompassing a true Transportation infrastructure system all in one Cloud Portal. LocoMobi is in the final stages of  going live with the most advanced Toll Bridge System in the USA .

“Our goal was always to build a complete infrastructure for Transportation” says Grant Furlane CEO AND Co-founder of LocoMobi, “Being the first in the Cloud we understand the importance of mobility,, as operators look for flexibility and control at affordable costs. It’s just another piece of our Smart City Infrastructure. “

LocoMobi, Inc. is reinventing parking and transportation technology in the era of cloud, mobile, low-cost hardware and Internet of Things. LocoMobi was the very first to offer a cloud-based licence plate recognition (LPR) system with a complete revenue engine that also provided a management system for virtual permitting systems, violation and citation management. The company also designed and implemented the first LPR-based system incorporating payment stations and barrier gates, which was integrated into a single cloud-based system. LocoMobi offers the largest suite of products including LPR, mobile, pay on foot stations, ticket dispensers, on-street multi-space meters and cloud software. LocoMobi offers innovative apps that drive traffic to businesses and provide real time analytics. Its “Vision intelligence“ offerings allow predictive modeling both for pedestrian and vehicle security. LocoMobi’s recent venture has been in Toll Highways.

LocoMobi’s product offerings are unique in their level of comprehensiveness, innovation, and price: installations typically have twice the functionality at approximately half the price of competitive systems. LocoMobi’s innovations have recently garnered worldwide attention when the Company was a winner of the award for TiE50 best new technology in the world, where over 2800 companies from 27 countries were considered. The awards were presented at the Annual TiE50 conference held in the Silicon Valley.

LocoMobi  – Moving The World

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