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Water Management Program Projected to Save North Texas HOA up to $5 Million Over Ten Years

Parul Dubey on March 19, 2018 - in News, Water

DALLAS  – Executives with Smart Outdoor Services, Inc., a leader in water management solutions, announced today that the company has developed a water sustainability program for Stonebridge Ranch Community Association, one of Texas’s largest HOAs spanning over 5,000 acres and located in McKinney, which is projected to save the property management group $3 million to $5 million in water utility costs over the next 10 years. During a pilot program that began in March 2015, Smart Outdoor Services helped the Association reduce its water use in pilot areas by 54 percent in 2016 and 53.5 percent in 2017, or the equivalent of over 24 million gallons of water. Based on the initial success of the pilot program, Stonebridge Ranch has expanded the project through 2020. 

“The skyrocketing development and population boom in recent years across North Texas has accelerated the need for water solutions in an already drought-sensitive region,” said Amanda Griffin, president of Smart Outdoor Services. “That’s why we’re extremely excited about the results of the water management solution our team developed for Stonebridge Ranch. After a comprehensive evaluation of the Association’s property, we identified specific strategies that could significantly reduce water usage and still preserve the Association’s beautiful landscape.”

The initial study of the Association’s 500+ acres of common greenbelt and open space measured the existing system’s efficiencies. Smart Outdoor Service’s team also conducted a thorough analysis of the Association’s water billing history over six years. Data from the studies led to a custom solution that made the existing water systems more efficient with customized irrigation technology and regular monitoring. The success of Smart Outdoor Service’s two-year pilot program is largely attributed to the company’s unique “sprinklers up” approach to water and landscape management.

“Using native vegetation or drought resistant plants is important, however, the ‘plant down’ approach to water conservation is not the most effective solution,” said Lee Casey, Principal at Smart Outdoor Solutions. “Our team looks at water management from the vantage point of the water supply. We make the most of every drop by designing efficient irrigation systems that leverage the latest technology and intelligent monitoring. Our Stonebridge Ranch project is the perfect example of how we can maximize water efficiency, reduce waste and still maintain a vibrant landscape.”

Over the last decade, North Texas has endured moderate to exceptional drought conditions during seven of those years. As North Texas continues to welcome new residents, the burden on communities to implement water solutions that mitigate the growth is escalating. Water, which sees a double digit increase in cost year over year, remains the fastest accelerating utility cost for municipalities and residents.

“I was initially skeptical about the savings that Smart Outdoor Solutions projected for the first year,” said Jon Dell’Antonia, President of the Board of Directors of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association. “I was also concerned that any water reduction would stress our turf and vegetation, resulting in brown, unhealthy landscaping. Following the implementation of the program however, our common areas have never been more healthy. Not only was there zero loss of landscape, our property looks so good that you wouldn’t believe we’re saving water. Beyond the aesthetics of our property, recouping over 50 percent on our water costs means that our residents have already recovered their initial investment in less than two years.”

Phase II of the Stonebridge Ranch Community Association project began January 2018. “We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results of our two-year pilot study at Stonebridge Ranch HOA,” said Greg Herbst, Director of Operations, for Stonebridge Ranch, professionally managed by CMA. “From the very beginning of the program, the Smart Outdoor Services team has been thorough, helpful and cooperative as we’ve pursued changes to our water use attitudes and structures. It’s showing, through substantial savings, that we’re moving forward. I look forward to growing our savings as we expand their strategies to all meters on the property.”

About Smart Outdoor Services
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