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New VC500 Controls for ROVVER X Makes Sewer Inspections Accessible on the Cloud

Parul Dubey on February 23, 2018 - in News, Products, Technology

RANDOLPH, NJ—February 21, 2018— Envirosight’s new VC500 controller for the ROVVER X sewer crawler is the industry’s first to allow an operator to build a PACP-compliant inspection, then upload it wirelessly to the cloud for instant access anywhere, on any device with a browser. The new controller also includes a suite of tools to measure pipe diameter and bend, crack size, obstructions, flow level, lateral diameter and angle, and inclination. In addition, it brings drag-and-drop simplicity to the task of overlaying video with inspection data, system status and images.

“We wanted to give ROVVER X operators a quantum leap in user experience,” says Richard Lindner, President of Envirosight. “We started by beefing up the hardware—a blazing-fast processor, expanded memory and a bigger TFT touchscreen with gesture support. Then we rebuilt the user interface from the ground up to deliver a vastly expanded feature set. The result is a controller that supports every stage of sewer condition assessment—from operating the crawler to creating standards-compliant reports and sharing inspections effortlessly online.”

The VC500 has two multi-function joysticks for operating the camera and crawler. All other functions are accessed via touchscreen using intuitive, swipeable interface panels and fly-out controls.

The VC500 interfaces seamlessly with WinCan Web, the online sewer data platform that allows inspections to be shared instantly and securely just by emailing a link. WinCan Web also supports GIS mapping of sewer data, as well as advanced technologies like manhole scanning. When connected to WinCan Web, a VC500 user can upload inspections to the cloud or import assigned inspections with pre-populated header data.

The VC500 is compatible with existing ROVVER X systems, so upgrading is easy. All new ROVVER X systems will ship with the VC500 as standard equipment.

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