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Code Update: Exploring New Concrete Connection Developments

Brian Gerber on February 23, 2018 - in Articles, Column

Author’s Note: This is a highly condensed summary of a full paper, with many details and references, that can be read in its entirety on the Informed Infrastructure Web site at informedinfrastructure.com/36533/concrete-connections.

Table 1. Approvals of Concrete Connections


Table 2. Checklist for Cast-In Anchors

Building codes in the United States have long acknowledged the need for regulators to allow for alternative materials. Yet the codes don’t provide much beyond general provisions to ensure full consideration is given toward determining acceptability. With respect to concrete connections, several types (e.g., cast-in bolts, expansion anchors, undercut anchors and adhesive anchors) are permitted by ACI 318.

ACI 318, however, focuses on structural performance and doesn’t completely guide users on other aspects such as fire exposure, durability and inspection, which are under the scope of the International Building Code (IBC). Therefore specifiers, users and regulators would benefit from mutually acceptable resources documenting these characteristics.

Research reports offer a comprehensive reference for assessing code compliance. The strength of available research reports is even greater for connections that are not described in the IBC or its reference standards at all, such as screw anchors, anchor channels and headed specialty cast-in inserts. Research reports on these
products are, in
most cases, based on criteria documents, which provide direction as to comprehensiveness and consistency among reports on similar products from different manufacturers.

Cast-in anchors currently lack support in the form of research reports, and neither the IBC nor ACI 318 reference requirements in sufficient detail. Information presented in the full paper that’s the source of this column will provide guidance toward acquiring data that satisfy the codes.

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