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HNTB Compiles America THINKS 2017 Public Opinion Survey Results Examining Americans’ Views on Transportation

Parul Dubey on February 7, 2018 - in Featured, Transportation
KANSAS CITY, Mo.  – HNTB Corporation released a new compilation of America THINKS 2017 survey results highlighting Americans’ views on U.S. transportation infrastructure issues. It consists of four national surveys and one regional survey which asked about attitudes associated with aviation, public transportation, safety and congestion, and infrastructure funding.

Interestingly, Americans are expressing their willingness to pay more through a combination of higher taxes and tolls to pay for maintenance of existing roads, bridges and tunnels as well as build new ones. In fact, 84 percent are willing to do so if those funds are guaranteed by law to be used only for transportation infrastructure.

When it comes to air travel, waiting in line is a chief complaint among Americans, who cited concerns about their ability to get to and around airports. The findings revealed 93 percent of Americans believe airports could be better connected to ground transportation and transit networks.

While Americans feel public transportation can enhance the air travel experience through more convenient access to airports, they also view it in a broader context than ever before: as a contributor to economic growth, business opportunities and better quality of life as well as providing the opportunity to choose various travel options.

As these and other infrastructure topics emerge and evolve, HNTB will continue encouraging dialogue and discussion among industry professionals, elected and appointed officials, and the American people by asking “What do you think?” as part of the award-winning America THINKS survey series.

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