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Presto Announces New Porous Pavement Design Assistant Tool

Parul Dubey on January 23, 2018 - in News, Products

Presto Geosystems, the manufacturer of porous pavement solutions including GEOBLOCK®,  GEOPAVE® and GEOWEB®, offers a porous pavement design assistant tool to help engineers and stormwater designers choose pavement options suitable for site conditions and expected use. The user chooses product and inputs values for loading requirements, infill type, and  subgrade strength. The tool returns recommendations for fill/base depth (includes a full cross section), and values for runoff coefficient and water volume storage (with aggregate infill).

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This tool is designed to give a basic design for a pervious pavement; all designs should be verified by a  qualified engineer before implementation. This tool provides AASHTO loading standards, or allows the user to input project specific values if known. The water retention depth is based on an assumed storage availability of 30% of the base layer depth. This storage depth may vary depending on site conditions.

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