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Report: Top 5 Ways Laser Scanning Can Save Money in the Design-Build Process

Matt Ball on February 28, 2013 - in Corporate, Facility Management, Modeling

From inexpensive collection practices such as photogrammetry to the decreasing cost of laser scanners, the tools that make 3D capture possible are becoming more available to a wider audience. And as 3D data capture becomes more utilized throughout a variety of industries, workflows are becoming more established, which is leading to an increased understanding of where it can provide value, generally through increased efficiency.

In the AECO industry (architects, engineers, contractors and owners), the benefits of 3D data capture are clearly becoming more evident, with 3D data collection increasingly being used to examine how structures can come together, be built, and be actually inhabited more efficiently, in the construction phase, design process and facilities management process.

Laser scanning can help ensure that the building meets the intent of what was originally designed, reducing overall project cost by reducing waste, increasing labor efficiency and limiting rework.

In this report, learn about five practical applications of the technology and see how they can help your project.  Learn how to:

  • Reduce surveying time in the pre-design phase
  • Improve design efficiency by reducing site visits using 3D visualization
  • Increase the accuracy of contractor pricing in the bidding stage
  • Reduce change orders and increase off-site fabrication
  • Deliver more accurate as-built documentation

Download the report here.

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