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Tennessee DOT Reveals a Next-generation Web-based E-TRIMS System

Matt Ball on February 27, 2013 - in Event Coverage, Transportation

Bryan Semore from the Tennessee Department of Transportation spoke today at the Intergraph Transportation Summit in Huntsville, Ala. Semore discussed the Tennessee Roadway Information Management System (TRIMS) that was first developed in the 1970s as a mainframe database. The system has been an ongoing statewide system, going strong and used by multiple agencies within the state, including a number of vendors. The move toward eTRIMS was done to easily share data with a map-centric web-based application. With 1,500 users, the desktop system created major headaches for maintenance as with any upgrade it was necessary to install software on each of these desktops.

TN_TRIMThe E-TRIMS 4.0 system has added a number of reports that were on the desktop system, and users can view all the asset data about the road network via the web. The enhanced viewer displays much of the same desktop products. Now with this new system in place, 90% of users no longer need the TRIMS desktop client. In fact, only those people creating data are give access to the desktop system.

The ability to view all the inventory data has been important to most users, so the latest version has a multiple-tab table view. The map-based viewer provides a sophisticated level of query capabilities, and returns an SVG map quickly to the user. The system uses the graphics of GIS and the power of the polygon to return the exact boundaries of a jurisdiction and the right mileage of roadways for that jurisdiction. These details are essential as funding is often tied to road mileage. The underlying asset data is live, so is always current.

The online system replicates desktop GeoMedia functionality, and is fine-tuned to the browser. As an SVG-driven system, the system is dependent on Internet Explorer, so one of the next steps is to support multiple browsers. The next steps also include secure web access regardless of browser, as well as mobile access on any device.

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